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Real Time Reporting Specialists

LiftNet displays real time elevator and escalator system status on multiple CRT screens anywhere in the building – security stations, lobby, engineering, machine room, all connected into one view

Real Time Monitoring

Integrated Display Systems Inc. is the leading provider of real time systems monitoring elevators, escalators, and moving walkways across multiple manufacturers

Real Time Monitoring

Our LiftNet Monitoring systems utilize State of the Art hardware and software, to provide the most complete package of monitoring and control features in the industry



The LiftNet® TA 2000® Portable Traffic Analyzer provides graphic reports that capture a variety of statistics critical to your installation


Our Portable Traffic Analyzer provides graphic reporting, virtually unlimited data storage, and a host of additional features



Because elevator systems vary widely in complexity, our equipment is designed to be flexible, modular and adaptable


On every installation we work diligently to tailor our design to satisfy the customer’s specific goals


Industry Leaders in Real Time Monitoring

We are the industry leaders in monitoring systems and voice communications. Our systems work on new, old, any type and brand of elevator equipment.

The Integrated Display Systems LiftNet for Windows® can graphically display elevator/escalator system status at the security desk, engineering office, manager’s office, or elevator machine rooms, simultaneously, on standard twisted pair or LAN/WAN. Internet access is also available.

  • Secure floors, control Car to Lobby, or special traffic programs via mouse click or 24/7/365 programmable timer

  • Create custom traffic patterns by securing specific cars and floors

  • Log traffic, fault, and car use statistics to schedule maintenance, or head off minor problems before they become a major headache

  • Replace lobby key switches and antiquated light bulb panels with an LCD and a mouse. Optional touch screens available

  • Trigger audio and video alerts in response to elevator shutdowns, or crisis situations. Email and text page are also available

  • LiftNet® VOIP, a stand alone intercom or integrated with Lift-Net® Monitoring. Self diagnostic. Operates over an existing LAN

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