Troubleshooting Table

Symptom Cause Solution
PC re-boots excessively Power source Check Booklet
Lift-Net program crashes Overflow error Contact tech support for program update (mainly older pre-96)
Screen updtes slow or outputs responde slow Multiple programs running Close all programs but Lift-Net. Be certain Lift-Net is not running in two or more windows.
Lift-Net main screen “FROZEN” (i.e. no action, no cars moving) Hardware/Software lockup Verify that the elevators are running.

From the Systems menu click on “This Computer Setup” to verify the correct Comm port is selected.

Note the condition of the network status LED’s on the M/R scanner LNP card, note any error messages on screen, contact Tech Support

Remove power from the M/R scanner wait until all LED’s are off, then reapply power

Re-boot the monitoring computer, by turning off the power, 5 sec. Turn back on.

Contact Tech Support for instructions to access the raw data input screen.

High Input Voltage 150 volts or more Check for correct voltage IO96 boards. (see low input voltage in advanced table)

Install de-sensitizing modules.

Some banks are not visible on the Main Screen Configuration From the System Menu click on “Visible Banks”. Put a check mark by all the banks you want to see on the Main Screen.

Check the edges of the CRT screen to be certain the window has not been “dragged” off of the screen.

Lift-Net for LAN verify correct IP address

Lift-Net for LAN verify the bank is connected (Remote Sites)

No traffic data available Configuration From the Traffic Reports Menu click on “Change Selection Criteria” make sure the date range is valid. Select the banks you wish to generate reports for.
Some menu items are not visible Password – Not all Lift-Net features are available to all users. A password may be needed.

– Lift-Net will log-out after “x” minutes of inactivity. Log-in again.